What can Connecticut DO WITHOUT?

“Let’s re-write the state budget.”

The shortfall for Connecticut’s current budget (2010-2011) is estimated at about $726 million.
They need to cut NOW or find more money (TAXES) to cover the shortfall. The 2012 budget is almost $4 billion short if spending continues unchanged.

What do YOU think we can cut-out-of Connecticut’s budget?
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3 responses to “What can Connecticut DO WITHOUT?

    ED A.

  2. 1. All ‘non-essential’ state workers are NOT ESSENTIAL and thus the positions should be eliminated. The state itself calls them non-essential staff during large storms, so we know exactly who’s on the list.

    2. Sell all non-essential buildings, property, and vehicles. Immediate freeze on all new acquisitions.

    3. Immediately and publicly default on ALL state bonds. Lenders knew the risks when they lent. Lenders KNEW the states budget issues. Time for the lender to realize their losses. Statewide bankruptcy is inevitable, why prolong the pain for our people? Our futures shall not be collateral for fraudulently incurred past debts.

    4. Eliminate all state imposed taxes. If taxes are needed, then let the legislators publicly re-pass the taxes they want! We must massively and permanently cut government spending.

    5. Legally hold every politician to their campaign promises. Enact legislation making public officials convicted of corruption a capital offense punishable be life sentence of… hard labor in a highly visible location. Let those convicted serve as a lesson to others. Cruel and unusual punishment? A permanent state of debt slavery at the hands of corrupt politicians is cruel and unusual!

    6. Convert all state paid pensions to defined contribution plans (401k, etc). If we in the private sector have to deal with them, so can the state employees. No automatic raises, no averaging with overtime, no more ‘working the system’. If we are subject to loss in our portfolios, so should the state workers. They can also pay for their health benefits like the rest of us.

    7. Charter a State Bank.

    8. Nullify all unconstitutional laws, edicts, orders, and proclamations from the federal level.

    9. Call back all CT National Guard troops deployed outside the state.

    Sound radical? If we don’t take massive action now, we will be faced with unimaginable choices in the near future. Just my two cents! God bless.

  3. We can do without the huge Dept of Energy and Envioronmental Protection . I’m sure they have alot of things in store for us that will cost us all in the long run. We should cut every dept budget by at least 15%. Freeze all union contracts” FOREVER”. Also some give backs along with the freeze. People must remember if we the people who do not work for the state or cities can not afford to live in CT and business cannot afford to stay here they the union people will really have nothing as there won’t be anyone here to pay their wages. They in turn will have to leave and ruin another state. Those that are left will have to give most of their money to walfare people and those with other entitlements. (strange word intitlement) They will all be working to support the unions “who are really BIG BUSINES themselves.”Remember COLT? The union UAW used the people then ran the business into the ground. I am waiting to see the UAW do the same to GMC. Unions , Contractors and Big Goverment we can do without but I think they are all one in the same. Bilk the taxpayer is the name of their game.

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